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Glass with Wooden Stand Deep Sea Moving Sandscapes

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The Good Addition Desk Display

  • Enjoy the multi-colors sand art frame now,  a new way to cheer your room desk decor.
  • The combination of colored sand and glow-in-the-dark glitter creates ever-changing sand landscapes on your desk.
  • Can be rotated freely in 360, after you turn it, those dynamic sandscape starts to move and slowly form deserts, oceans, mountains.
  • Two Size option, 7 Inch or 12 Inch with wood stand.
  • Great Gift idea for house warming, holiday and even kids birthday.


Get Your Favor Color

Impressive on those colorful sand, enjoy random landscapes with mountains and shifting sand effects. A journey like no other, your compelling and comforting desk decor start when you receive it.

User Guide

  1. Put the sand painting on the shelf for at least 30 minutes;
  2. Pick up the sand painting and shake it gently to turn the air inside into small bubbles, then turn it over to let the sand slowly flow down from the small bubbles.
  3. After the sand has completely fallen, let it sit on the shelf for at least 30 minutes, and then turn it over.

Kindly Reminders:

  1. Please don't use excessive force when shaking the sand painting. If you use too much force and the bubbles are small and dense, the buoyancy of the bubbles will be too great, the sand may fall too slowly, which makes it looks like that sand cannot flow down.
  2. After each flow, let it stay on the shelf for at least 30 minutes to allow the sand to compact. If you turn it over immediately after each flow, because the sand is too loose, it will fall in large pieces soon, so you can't see the scenery of the sand slowly falling.
  3. The ratio of air and water has been balanced before leaving the factory. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to adjust air and water.
  4. If you want to adjust the water and air, be careful not to add too much water at once. If the water pressure is too high, the glass will shatter. 


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moving sandscapes

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