Temporarily Shipping Cost Increasing Notice

Dear All, Sorry that the shipping cost continues increasing due to coronavirus pandemic. Current 2usd shipping fee are no longer able to cover the shipping fee and we are now have to adjust the shipping fee accordingly to be able to maintain business.  * Shipping Fee for one package now is 5usd * This adjustment is temporarily, we will adjust/decrease the cost when situation changes.  Stay at home and stay strong, everything will go through. God Blessing!  Wish you all the BestEntire ApesBox Team

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Temporarily Stop Free Shipping Notice

Dear All, Sorry to inform you that we are UNABLE to cover free shipping service from now on, because many flights cancelled due to COVID-19 and logistic costs increased to much .  With current logistic costs we will update shipping fee on our site as below: $2 shipping fee added for shipment to all countries. (Before free shipping to US and Europe now $2.0, before $2.0 now $4.0 for some countries)  Stay at home, enjoy your time with family members during this time, everything will go through. Wish you all the Best 🙏 Entire Apesbox Team

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