About ApesBox Shipping

ApesBox can ship to almost any country in the world. We have strong shipping system to serve our global customers. To ensuring that carriers will be safely arrived, we are constantly improving our shipping times. ApesBox provides a lot of free shipping products, which is our guarantee for our customers to serve you better, to make our customer not to worry shipping again.


Why ApesBox Can not ship to my Country?

ApesBox can ship the goods to almost any country. But there always has some exception. ApesBox now temporarily unable to ship to India, North Korea and other countries. If you want to know if we ship to your country or not, please go to the checkout page to learn more.


About Processing

The processing status means that we will carry out strict quality controls on your items and ensure they are properly packed before preparing them for shipment. We are happy to announce that now most orders can be shipped out within 24 - 72 hours. Kindly note a small quantity of orders may still need between 3-5 business days depending on stock availability.


How to know the Shipping information?

When the order is shipped out, our email system will notify you. 
If you choose the register shipping method, our mail system will automatically send the logistics number to you. You can track the shipping information on the internet. If you choose flat shipping without registered, please learn more the shipping time in your country, we guarantee to arrive at the scheduled time.


Shipping Time

We sent Fedex/USPS tracking to U.S. customers, the shipping time is felixable in epidemic time. Please check detail shipping time in our shipping info page.

Kindly note: When the Peak Season coming, please select suitable shipping to have your items in time for Christmas.
When the peak season coming, the shipping time will be longer that we can not control. in order to have your items for Christmas before December 16th. And We suggest you to choose the suitable shipping method. 
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