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About Apesbox

Apesbox Company was established on Oct, 2019 under a specific goal which is to provide the most unique and creative gifts for people, especially for kids. Till now we had fulfilled over 100K packages worldwide, and we strive to satisfy more and more customers in future.

What makes an idea gift and why should we gift people? To Apesbox, an idea gift for most people should have several factors: affordable, meaningful, pragmatic and better durable. For such gift will be a constant reminding to a nice relationship between each other. (Husband to wife, parents to kids, friends, lovers, relatives, team members and etc.) A gift is the best way to show people that we care for them, grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives.

While technology continues to advance and life becomes increasingly fast-paced, we pioneer to protect the simplicity and joy of childhood with toys and games that are beautiful, enchanting, safe, and, of course fun! For adults, detach yourself from all those high tech devices and money making projects, join your kids/friends in this treasure hunting game will sure bring smiles and endless hours of happiness in your busy day calendar.

Apesbox, a wonderful place to find your idea gift to kids, friends and lovers. Every week we will add novelty products on site so better subscribe us in case miss the fun stuff.

Hope we can give you the surprise, happiness, and the memorable simple joyful time! 


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Entire Apesbox Team

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We aim to give the best products and services to our customers, send us your suggestions of the products, our site and service for us to be better together.  🙌

Mail to: notice@apesbox.com


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